Valentines day recipes

Back in 2012 I took a look at some great valentines day recipes. It might be a couple of years later but I think they are still perfect recipes to share with the one you love. They are perfect for valentines day but would also be lovely dishes for any romantic evening with the one you love. There are several suggestions for you to try with 3 main course alternatives for any occasion. Whilst none are strictly vegetarian you could make a vegetarian version of the Carbonara. I hope you enjoy them with some one special.

Valentines day is just a week away and in the past I have  tryed out different recipes which I think would make a great Valentines day meal at home for your loved one. I think its really nice and a very personal touch to prepare a meal  for that special someone. It can also be a lot of fun cooking together, I love baking with Hana and we always have a fun whilst we are baking up a treat. The best bit about cooking together is you get to enjoy your efforts together after.

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Here are links to the recipes I think would be perfect for Valentines Day. I will be adding more as we get closer to the weekend so you have time to pick out a favourite and rustle it up.


Grilled Oysters with Parmigiana and Paprika for a special starter.

Main Course, 

Clams in a white wine, Cream and Garlic Sauce with Linguini.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara.

Moroccan Lamb with Apricots and Almonds. 


Quivering with Passion, Passionfruit Jellies with a Passionfruit Syllabub.

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