Leek and Parmesan Risotto

Lazy Sunday flashback: Risotto recipes.

Risotto in Rome Photo: Russell Bowes

Risotto in Rome Photo: Russell Bowes

I first cooked this risotto back in October 2011, I’m looking back on it now from the start of 2014. It seems so long ago now that I was at the start of my blogging journey. Back then I didn’t know where it would take me (to a new career) or if it would even last at all. So this year I thought I would go back and revisit some of my favourite old recipes and posts, starting with this Leek and Parmesan Risotto recipe.

This is a great and simple dish perfect to warm you up on cold winter nights, like we have had. It also works really well as a light lunch on a summer’s evening. I tried this risotto recipe out when I had a some friends over for a little dinner and get together. I thought it went well after a simple salad as a starter. Though it may only have a few ingredients it packs a warm rich creamy flavor. Use a good quality white wine in cooking, try to use one which you could serve it with later. I plumped for a fresh Muscadet which I find pairs well with vegetarian (or fish) dishes.

Leek and Parmesan Risotto recipe

Serves 2, cooking time 30 minutes




3 Large Leeks finely chopped
4-5 Spring Onions finely chopped
3 Cloves of Garlic Finely chopped
50g Butter
2tbsp Olive Oil
300g Arborio Rice
1 1/2 Glasses of Wine, a good Muscadet works well.
1-1.5ltrs Vegetable Stock
50g Parmesan Grated


  1. Begin by preparing the Leeks and Spring Onions, wash and peel, then chop both as finely as you can. After chopping with a knife I used a Mezzaluna to finely chop them.

  2. Next bruise the Garlic with the flat side of a knife and chop it very finely. If you have a garlic press you could use this.

  3. Heat the Olive Oil and half the Butter together in a large pan. Add Garlic and allow it to melt a little and flavor the pan.

  4. Next add the Leeks and the Spring Onions. Cook over a medium heat for 5 minutes to soften.

  5. Pour in the arborio rice and stir it in the Leek mixture making sure all the Rice  in the liquid. Cook for a minute then gradually pour in the wine stirring constantly. Bring to the boil then simmer till the wine has reduced.

  6. Now gradually add the stock. It’s best to add it in several stages to allow the rice to absorb the liquid. Adding it all at once may leave your dish watery instead of having a glossy, creamy finish. As you add the stock stir it through the rice until it is tender and oozes.

  7. Finally to finish stir through the rest of the butter and the grated Parmesan. Season with a little freshly ground black pepper.

To Serve

Serve with a green salad, some good crusty bread to mop up the liquid after and a glass of Muscadet.

Recipe, text and photos By Russell Bowes

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