Hana and I have had a few days off work this week which has been really nice. We have been out doing a few cultural things around London and on Friday my brother took us out for a lovely lunch. Coming to the end of the week I realised I had bought too much bread this week as we were not using it for packed lunches. I had over half a loaf of Brown Bread left over and as I hate throwing food away I had think what to do with it. Had it been White Bread I would have made a warming Bread & Butter Pudding.

I couldn’t think of a recipe to use the bread up straight away so decided to preserve it for later by making Dried Breadcrumbs. You can use them in so many dishes from Home Made Fishcakes to Scotch Eggs or making a crust on Stuffed Mushrooms. Once you have made them you can store them in the freezer for 3 months and they worrk out so much cheaper than store bought Dried Breadcrumbs which are very often over priced.

Once you have made them once you can experiment by adding different dried herbs.


500g bread (Best made with slightly stale Bread)
a good handful of your choice of dried herbs.


Preheat your oven to 140c. Slice the Bread into small cubes so it is easier to blitz in a food processer. As I had quite a lot of bread I found it easier to do it in batches in the food processer as doing to much at once it overloaded it. I used the pulse setting as the bread only needs a few seconds to crumb.

Line an oven tray with Baking Paper and spread a 1/4in thin layer of Breadcrumbs over the tray.

Pop in the oven for around 20mins. Stir half way through to mkae sure they are dried evenly.

Once cold pop in an air tight container and in the cupboard to use within a 2 weeks or Freeze for 3 Months.


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