Breakfast Pancakes

Thursday evening we went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London. Its a big Christmas village in the park with a an Ice Rink, Big Wheel, Rollercoaster and lots of other rides. There was a mock village with little stalls selling some really lovley gifts. The food huts laced the night air with smells of roasting sugery nuts and Hog Roasts and Sausages. I tried some of the rides but whilst everyone was Ice Skating I sneaked off and had a really good Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream (very nice and indulgent). I was looking forward to lots of foodie treats but after going on the WhurlitzerI didn’t feel too much like eating. I did get some delicious Baileys Fudge to take home,

This morning I felt like having the treat I missed last night so I made Pancakes for breakfast. I love light fluffy Scotch or American Pancakes and they are so fast and simple to make. Sometimes I like to add Coco Powder to the batter and make Chocolate Pancakes but my favourite way to have them is with Maple Syrup and Bacon on the side, its got to be the best way to start the day!


Makes 4 – 6 Pancakes.


135g Plain Flour
2tsp Caster Sugar
1tsp Baking Powder
1/2tsp Salt
1 Egg
130ml Milk
1tbsp Melted butter
1 desertspoon of good quality Cocoa Powder (Optional)

It really is easy. Sift the Flour, Baking Powder, Salt & Caster Sugar together in a large bowl. (I weigh the ingredients in the bowl to cut down on washing up later). (If using Cocoa powder add now).

Melt the butter in the same pan you will later use to cook the Pancakes. I do this as it coats the pan so you don’t have to add more when cooking the Pancakes.

In a small bowl whisk the Egg and Milk together. Add the melted Butter, reserving enough in the pan to cook with. Make a well in the sifted Flour and pour in the Liquid. Beat to form a smooth Batter, it should be the consistency of double cream.

Heat the pan back up and add 3/4 of a ladle of Batter it should be thicker than a regular Pancake. If your pan is large enough pop in 2 or 3 puddles of batter. Cook on one side till it’s bubbling on the top. Then flip over and cook on the other side till golden. As it cooks the Pancake should rise to about 1cm.

So there is my Pancake recipe, serve with Lemon & Sugar, Honey, Syrup or Bacon

Keep Calm & Carry on eating Pancakes.


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