Flickr update – Photos from France.

Limeuil Old Town

I have uploaded some photos of my trip to the Dordogne to my Flickr feed. I went to France in mid 2011 with Hana and stayed just outside a small village called Limeuil in the Dordogne/ Perigord region of France. It was on this trip that I fell in love with food again. The wonderful fresh vegetables in such vibrant colour were such a pleasure to cook with it was impossible not to be enlivened by them.I made some wonderful simple dishes whilst we were there, infused with vibrant flavour and colour.

I loved the simple uncomplicated and unpretentious resturants and cafes serving good honest food. Time spent in cafes by the river or market with a coffee or a glass of wine were simply heaven.

When I came back that inspiration still burned bright so I started spending more time in the kitchen. It was here amongst the Markets, Cafes and Resturants of Périgord  and the Dordogne that russellskitchen was born.

For more about my trip check out my about page or pop over to Flickr and check out some of my pictures.

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