My kitchen

From some of my posts about baking bread and cakes from scratch or raving about my spice racks you would be forgiven for thinking that I had a huge roomy kitchen or a rustic country pantry like the picture I have used a few times.

Dream Kitchen

I have a dream of my perfect kitchen. I think it should be the beating heart of a house where family and friends can come together over delicious homemade food. Mine would be light and airy, opening onto my garden where I could pick from my abundant fruit and vegetable patches or select from my herb garden. It would have to have cupboards so I could have every utensil and kitchen gadget I could imagine.  There would a well stocked larder full of gorgeous things waiting to be cooked. I would have a small breakfast bar to read the paper over a morning coffee and a large dining table at one end for dinner parties. Like in the picture I would have my pots and pans displayed and easy to hand when whipping up an new recipe. I would have a large free standing work space in the middle so everything was readily to hand and I could walk around easily grabbing this thing or that thing. I would also have a wine rack by the stone floor to keep it at the perfect temperature, that way I could always have a nice glass whilst cooking.  My dream kitchen would be vibrant and bursting with creative energy.  But it would also be a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

My actual kitchen is really more of a kitchenette just off the living room in our flat. It has no breakfast bar to sit at with your morning paper and coffee. Day or night you have to have the light on as it is not too well lit.  Work space is always at a premium and if you make even a little mess it fills the whole kitchen up. But there is enough cupboard space for everything we have now.

But though it may lack a little storage space and it is not perfect, it is my kitchen. It is still a place where I can create lovely food to share with the people I love. You don’t feel isolated or left out as you can still talk to people whilst cooking and it has room on the wall for my spice racks which I am really, really happy with! We also have a box shelf (which still needs to be put on the wall) to keep cookery books to hand when inspiration is short in coming. The work surfaces are small which mean you have to be a tidy cook  but there is always just enough room to do what you need to do. All in all its not a bad kitchen and works really well for two people and after all as its my kitchen I love ever (very) little bit of it!

My Kitchen

My Lovely Kitchen

So there is my kitchen. A place where I can be creative and have had some really enjoyable times cooking up food for friends and family (and for me too!)

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4 responses to “My kitchen

  1. I love this Mr Soprano! You should use it as an intro to your site really. Mine would be a proper country kitchen in the west coast of Ireland or Scotland with an Aga. Love those things.
    One day very soon I hope!
    Nice write up.


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