Market day Treats!

I am writing this sitting in the living room whilst I have a Bolognese is bubbling away in the kitchen. I can’t wait till its ready but until then I wanted to write about an Italian market I went to this afternoon. I met up with Hana at Westfield, a huge (when I say huge I mean really enormous) shopping center in West London. Inside there are shops for just about everything you could ever imagine.

After looking around the shops we stopped and had a Frozen Yogurt from Snog. I love them and they are totally guilt free until you pile on the Warm Apple Crumble topping which had to be done on a cold November day. I thought this was going to be the best bit of my shopping trip up until we were walking back to the bus stop and saw an out door Italian Market! As a foodie I always make a beeline straight for any markets and this heaven. The first thing I will say about these markets is that they are quite expensive.

The one stall I always make sure I check out is the Cheese stall. There was a selection of Italian Sheep Cheeses which looked very appetising. We tried a sample of a really nice hard cheese (and for the life of me I can’t remember its name) and I got a smallish bit which at £29.99 a kilo was still expensive!

Tasty Sheep's Cheese

It is a really good cheese, like Parmesan but with a subtler less salty flavour than Parmesan can often have. I still have to think up a recipe to use it in. Any suggestions for how to best use it would be welcome, as would any for the other indulgence I bought.

As much as I love all the wonderful Veggie meals we have sometimes I have got to let out the carnivore with in me. Right next to the Cheeses were the Meats. If there is one foodie thing that the European countries gave the world it is cured meats. The stall had a wonderful selection of Salami and I had to go all out and get some of the Wild Boar and Truffle Salami! I was tempted into   buying some after tasting it. It was gorgeous! The Truffle made it almost creamy in texture which was very different. It has a really strong gamy taste, different to other other Red Meats like beef or lamb its closer to game meats like Deer or Game Birds.

Wild Boar and Truffle Salami

Suggestions on the best way to use either of them up would be much appreciated.


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2 responses to “Market day Treats!

  1. That Boar looks amazing! What about a warm salad with the cheese on it too. Not adventurous but hell, quick and easy. Try Nigella Lawson on Twitter and ask her. She replies back or Chin He Huang who also does on both Facebook and Twitter. I have them both on mine. 😉


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