Movember Cupcakes

Today was the last day of Movember. For people who have not heard of Movember it is a month long charity event in which men in the uk and around the world grow a Moustache (and only the Moustache, no beards allowed). The aim is to get sponsorship for doing it and raise money for men’s health issues. The main Cause is Prostate Cancer but it supports other Cancers and general health concerns for men.

We didn’t do it at my office, and as I am in a customer facing role I couldn’t really get away with it. But quite a few people spot a Moustache at Hana’s office where Movember is an anual event. This year Hana and some of her friends decided to finish with a bake sale to raise some final donations. They had the cool idea of baking Cupcakes and deccorating them with Iced Moustaches. I offered to bake Cupcakes as a way of donating and to participate in a small way. I whipped up a batch last night and sent them with Hana this morning.

Click here for my Cupcake Recipe.


I think they look really fun and quite tasty too. I hope one finds its way home this evening!

I should add a big thank you to Louise Leonard & Victoria Moncinska for deccorating the cakes and for Victoria making the lovely Moustaches.

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