Peppermint Creams

Today’s Christmas treat is Peppermint Creams. I remember Christmas as a little boy, the excitement and the joy of so many sweets, cakes and chocolate and it was Peppermint creams that always held a special place in my heart. As Christmas approached my Grandmother would start getting ready for the feasts which would take us from Christmas day through to the New Year. I loved helping her in the kitchen and my most abiding memory is of making Peppermint Creams together ready for my Great Grandfather who loved mints. He would sit me down and tell stories of his youth in the Middle East and India with the British Army and as he did so he always shared his ever present mints. Making Peppermint Creams was a nice way of being able to give him something back and spend time with my Gran.

I haven’t made Peppermint Creams for a long time so before making them as presents I thought I should make a test batch. I made them plain today but for Christmas I am going to use food Green Food dye for some and dip the rest in Chocolate.

Peppermint Heaven, with a couple missing.

Preperation time 10 minutes
Cooking time 10 – 15 minutes
Drying time 1hr+


250g Icing Sugar
30ml Double Cream
1/2 an Egg White
1tsp Peppermint Essence


Sift the Icing Sugar into a mixing bowl. Add the double cream, Egg White and Peppermint Essence and mix it all together with a spatula. It will feel way to dry to begin with but persist and it sgould form a nice paste.

Lightly dust a work surface and rolling pin with Icing Sugar and turn out the Paste. Roll out to about 1/2cm thick. Now find an Egg Cup or something you can use to cut out little rounds and cut out round mints.

Leave out until dry to the touch, around an hour. After you could decorate with Chocolate.

Hope you enjoy!


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