Christmas Treats and Gifts

The nights are drawing in and the Magic that’s Christmas is just around the corner. Its time to ditch the Diet, treat yourself and indulge in all the wonderful  food. I love everything about Christmas food from a Taraditional Baked Ham to  Christmas Dinner, Mince Pies, Panettoni,  biscuits, Chocolate  and all the wonderful treats. The best thing is as it’s winter, as my tummy gets fed all those treats and grows bigger and bigger I can make hide it under a big baggy jumper till past the new year.

Mincemeat Tart

As well as getting to eat everything in sight, I also love to give Foodie presents to people. last year I baked Biscotti and wrapped it up in cellophane with ribbon for people. This year I am going to make a few different things so I have a variety of Gifts for family and friends as presents and to take to parties as well.

Over the next week I will be trialing a few recipes which I think could make some really lovely gifts and treats for people and posting links to the here.

Winter, Shortbread

Simple Traditional biscuits for the winter which are easy to bake and make a nice gift. 

Mince Pies

A twist on the traditional Mince Pie, a mince pie tart.

Peppermint Creams

Frosty Sweet Minty Treats. 


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