Well Christmas is almost here and I have got most of my presents, which is a big improvement for me. I have been busy in the kitchen over the last couple of days baking and prepring the sweets and treats from my Christmas Gift ideas post ready to give to people over the holiday.

I did much better with the Shortbread this time, as you can see in the pictures, I made it look more traditionaly looking by adding the dimples down each side. I think it looks a lot better than my last attempt where it looked over cooked. It still tasted good.

After a couple of failed attempts on Peppermint Creams which somehow turned into Peppermint Icing (dont ask me how!) I made a nice batch. After lettign them set I melted some nice Milk Chocolate and dipped them in so they are half Chocolaty, yum! (well I did have to try one to make sure they were okay)

So all is ready in the kitchen present wise. Christmas day itself is a day off from the kitchen for me. As I said before Hana and I each go to our families on Christmas day. My Gran and I go out for a button bursting Christmas Lunch at a local resturant where my brother works. Its kind of nice that though we go out I still get a Christmas dinner with my family, cooked in part by my family.

Eat, Drink and be very merry this Christmas and enjoy all the big and little foodie treats!


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