Christmas Feast 2011

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas holiday. After baking up lots of Shortbread and mixing up a few batches of Peppermint Creams I have had some time off from the Kitchen over Christmas. I mentioned in my last post that its a tradition for my Grandma and me to go out for Lunch on Christmas to the restaurant where my brother works.

We had a real fest, four courses! I started with Pate and Ciabatta, then on to a big Fillet Steak Rossini with Roast Potatoes, Gratinated Potatoes, Carrotts, Broccoli and the good old Brussels Sprout washed down with a couple of glasses of Shiraz. After that I managed to find a little room for Lemon Tart and Cream with Coffee and Chocolates to finish. I will have to look up the recipe for Steak Rossini, I was a big fillet on a bed of Mushrooms with a very generous amount of Pate on top of the steak, served on a toasted brioche.

Later in the afternoon when I visited Hana and her family I was treated to an awesome dessert, Rocky Road made by Hana’s mum. I think it was from a Jamie Oliver recipe, it’s well worth looking up and making it for a special occasion. There were many other delights over the next couple of days lovely Ham’s an succulent Turkey. Boxing day lunch was a special Salmon en Croute. Sadly I didn’t manage to get pictures of everything but here the ones I did take.

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I’m looking forward to tomorrow with another family gathering and food then the last foodie blow out of New Years Eve before the exercise and healthy eating kicks back in for January.

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