Happy New Year!

This is my first post of 2012 so Happy new year! Its been a busy time for me over Christmas and the start of the year. I hope you will see an improvement in the pictures on the blog as I am using a new camera, my Christmas present to myself. This post is a bit of a catch up really but I will have a recipe post up tomorrow. I had a really fantastic New Years Eve spent with friends old and new. The highlight had to be a sumptuous meal prepared by my friend Martin. He really did go to town with a starter of different home made breads, sausage rolls and scones. The main course was Beef Wellington and Coq au Vin with roasted vegetables followed by crisp Brandy Snaps with Cream Patissiere and Chocolate Cake, all washed down with lashings of good white wine. I have to say hats of to Martin for such a wonderful night with gorgeous food

We are redeccorating the kitchen and Living room at the moment and so I haven’t been able to cook anything yet this year, (gosh that sounds bad!) which means we have been living of take away and ready meals for the last few nights. I did enjoy the KFC Bucket last night even though it is very naughty to have. I will post some pictures of our nice newly painted living room and kitchen in the next few days and again next month once the furniture arrives.

By tomorrow I should have a recipe post up of an awesome Steak Night I had last week with an old friend which was a treat to do as well.

I also have to mention my Christmas Present from my brother which was a Hardback copy of Indochine – Baguettes and Banh Mi: finding France in Vietnam by Luke Nguyen. I am thoroughly looking forward to cooking just about everything in it over the next few months.

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But until then enjoy the pictures from New Years Eve, and enjoy 2012!


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