Kitchen Makeover!

Last week we were decorating the kitchen and living room, paint cans were everywhere and the flat was a total mess with about every piece of floor space in the bedroom and hall taken up with furniture. It was impossible to do any cooking with the smell of the paint going through the flat and so we were eating out as well as having take away’s.

We finished up the painting towards the end of the week and after hours of cleaning up and moving furniture back and forth we had our living room back.

We are still waiting for the new furniture which will arrive towards the end of February but I think it has made a real change to the living room. I was a little hesitant when we first painted it but once it was finished I was really pleased with it. You might not be able to see but the wall on the left is a feature wall and is a few shades darker then the wall on the right.

We painted the kitchen white again, so it doesn’t look too different but it’s much brighter and feels new and nicer to cook in. So I am hoping to spend a lot of time in the kitchen this year whipping up new things.

After lots of hard work and the take away’s I felt it was time to get back in the swing of eating properly so the first thing I cooked were simple stuffed peppers.


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