Quivering with Passion, Passion Fruit Jellies

My last post was about the wonderful Carbonara from Nigell Lawson’s Feast Hana cooked for me on Sunday night for our half-anniversary. It was so delicious and indulgent that we had to have it in two parts, some for lunch and after a little sleep the rest for dinner. We left having the Passion Fruit Jelly dessert till last thing at night with a nice glass of wine, yum!

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This dessert has a wonderful rich deep fruity flavour. The jelly is sweet and refreshing and the Syllabub topping is light and creamy. I think this is the perfect dessert to follow a Carbonara. The dessert is again from Nigella Lawson’s Feast cookbook. I said in my last post Hana did make a change to the recipe. The recipe calls for White Wine but as we had a bottle of Rose Wine which needed using Hana used that. Personally I think it worked better than White Wine would have, as it added an extra layer of fruity flavour.

We both really enjoyed this meal and Hana said it was all quite simple to make. I think these two dishes compliment each other and it makes a perfect Valentines Day menu. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.


For the Jellies

175ml Rose Wine
Seeds and Pulp of 5 Passion Fruit (you may need more but it needs to equate to 250ml)
50g Caster Sugar
1 Geletine Leaf (Vegetarian Geletine)

For the Syllabub Topping

2 Passion Fruit
2tbsp Icing Sugar
1tbsp Rose Wine
80ml Double Cream


Scoop out the Seeds and Pulp of 5 Passion Fruit and make sure you have 250ml of Pulp/ Seed mix. Add the Wine, Pulp and Seeds to a saucepan and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and stir through the Caster Sugar and dissolve. Strain the liquid and discard the Seeds and Pulp and reserve the liquid.

Soak the Gelatine Leaf in cold water until soft then whisk through the Reserved liquid. Divide the Liquid between two glasses and pop in the fridge to set or if its snowy outside then pop in the window to cool and set. We just used a couple of ordinary glasses.

Quiveringly Chilled Jellies

It will take a few hours for the jellies to set so wait until they are before prepare the topping.

The topping is very easy. Scoop out the seeds and Pulp of the 2 remaining Passion Fruit into a mixing bowl. Add the Icing Sugar and Rose Wine mix well. Pour in the cream and lightly whip to a light floaty consistency. Divide the Syllabub between the two glasses, filling to just above the top.

We had quite a bit of the Syllabub left over so you may want to use about 2/3 of the quantity.

Passionfruit Jelly and a glass of Rose, mmmmm

Enjoy in bed with a glass of Rose Wine.

Check out the Carbonara which is a great main course before this!

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