Valentines Day

Valentines day is here! I hope that you have a good day and spend it with the one you love and with lots of lovely foodie treats. I am a lucky man today as Hana is cooking for me, or should I say she cooked for me. The ‘Lamb Shanks with Red Wine and Figs’ we are having were slow cooked last night. Then, as per the recipe, they popped in the fridge to allow the flavour to really mature over night before reheating this evening.  I am really looking forward to this meal the smell from the kitchen as they cooked last night was divine! The dessert is my domain with a Greek inspired pudding and home made Pistachio Ice Cream (wonder how that’s turned out?) For last minute Valentines day dinner ideas check out my Valentines day page for suggestions on really tasty Romantic meals.

I will post the recipes along with some photos tomorrow. Until then I hope you all have a fantastic evening and be indulgent, after all it is an evening of Romance.

PS. I had to include a picture of the Chocolate that was waiting for me when I got home last night. Hana and her mum had been for afternoon Tea in London and Hana brought the top tier of the Dessert home with her. These look, and taste amasing! The best bit is even the Plate is Chocolate. Wow!

Choc'y Heaven


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