Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream

This is perfect to go with the Greek Style Honey Cup Puddings. This was my first attempt at making Ice Cream at home. I always thought you needed special equipment to make it and that it was a herculean effort with Ice Cream makers and all sorts.

But this was surprisingly easy to do. In fact it’s almost criminal how easy it was to make this. I found the recipe where I have found so many good recipes and suggestions on the bbcgoodfood website. I thoroughly recommend checking it out when your in need of inspiration as it has never let me down yet!

This could well be the quickest recipe I have written about on this blog. The most time consuming part was shelling the Pistachios but once thats done then its super quick to finish.



Shell the Pistachios and whizz them in a blender till finely crushed.

Add the Caster Sugar and Yoghurt to the blender and whizz for about a minute. It will seem thick at the moment. Pour it out into a Freezer Proof container and leave it for 5 minutes to set, stiring occasionally.

After seeing how easy this was to make I am going to try Homemade Frozen Yoghurt as Hana and I love it. Personally I love having the Fat free, sugar free kind with some Granola on top. I always feel a little superior with a super delicious yet healthy snack. We haven’t had the Ice Cream yet so I haven’t taken many pictures, but it goes really well with these;


Greek Honey Cup Puddings


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