Birthday Treats

It was Hana’s birthday on Wednesday so as she has been working hard recently she booked the day off. We had made some rough plans of things Hana wanted to do. But also wanted it to be a nice relaxed day where we wern’t rushing around from place to place. Being a fellow foodie both the things she wanted to do were food related and I have some lovely pictures to share with you.

I started the day by semi-surprising Hana with a homemade Red Velvet Cake, recipe to follow very soon. I say semi-surprise as Tuesday night she could see from the state of the kitchen that I had been baking and as she had been looking over that particular recipe a couple of times over the weekend she made a very good guess. I think it was still a nice surprise and she was very happy with it. Its a delicious cake but a bit of a strange one. Its almost closer to a chocolate tort than sponge but then its denser than either. Its light and heavy all at once. It is also quite rich so I think some of it will be donated to people at work as the two of us won’t manage it all.

After a sumptuous breakfast of cake and coffee we went into central london for lunch at a little Corsican pizza resturant. It was a really intimate place tucked away in the back streets of Marylebone. It seated just 20 people and as we arrived towards the end of lunch there was just one other table of customers. I took some beautiful pictures of the restaurant and the Pizzas we had. They were really traditional, mine had a tomato sauce with prosciutto topped with rocket and balsamic vinegar, no cheese. It was gorgeous! Hana’s pizza had cheese and mushrooms but no tomato. I tried a bit, delish!







After a nice walk around central London for the afternoon we walked down to Covent Garden and to a very nice Mexican restaurant. This was inspired by a post I read on Foodimentary last week. The post was about national Margarita weekend in the USA. The Margarita is Hana’s favourite drink, she fell in love with it after a trip to American a couple of years ago. As national margarita day coincides with Hana’s birthday it would have been crazy not to celebrate with a couple of cocktails. This also lead us to have an idea for a series of posts in March, The Margarita Challenge. The idea is to come up with recipes which use all the ingredients of a traditional Margarita, no substitutions. Hana will be writing some guest posts on this once we have tried out our ideas.

I hope you like the pictures. I am really enjoying using the new camera phone I got at Christmas, the picture quality is great. If you have any ideas for Margarita inspired recipes please feel free to send them in. 

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