Red Velvet Cake

In my last post I said I baked a Red Velvet Cake for Hana’s birthday. I wanted to bake a birthday cake that was really special and leading up to valentines day I had seen several recipes on blogs and cookery websites for red velvet cake. Hana had been looking at the red velvet cake and I guessed she really wanted to try it so Tuesday afternoon I whipped one up (creating a huge amount of washing up in the process). I really like the addition of the beetroot. Last year I made Chocolate brownies with beetroot in which I thought was really strange at the time but it worked sooo well! Seeing it in the recipe here made me quite happy. Beetroot adds a real depth of sweetness to the batter.

Its a seriously indulgent cake, best eaten in small portions as its really rich. The sponges are closer to a chocolate torte than a traditional sponge cake but it all works! Most recipes make the cake with 4 sponges but as there’s just two of us I made it with just two. It still looks just as good but as half the cake is going to be taken to work I figured two was enough. I highly recommend making it for a birthday or special occasion for the one you love.

When I was baking the cake I also got a piece of inspiration for a recipe which I will probably try out next week as we are away over the weekend.


For the 2 Sponges, if making 4 then double up

125g butter
100g dark chocolate
250g plain flour
250g golden caster sugar
1tbsp cocoa powder
1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
100g plain yoghurt
200g cooked beetroot in natural juice
1 large egg
1 small, 35ml, bottle of red food colouring
120ml boiling water

For the Icing,

100g soft cheese
125g butter at room temperature
200g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla essence

Heat shaped jelly sweets to decorate.


Pre-heat the oven to 180c/gas 4. Line two round cake tins with grease proof paper. Slowly melt the butter and chocolate together in a saucepan, make sure you do it slowly so you don’t burn the butter.

Sift the dry ingredients together (flour, caster sugar, cocoa, bicarb and salt. flour, caster sugar, cocoa, bicarb and salt) in a bowl. In a blender whizz up the yoghurt, beetroot and egg to a aerated smoothie *. Pop on a kettle to boil.

Pour the wet ingredients (beetroot/ yoghut mix and butter/ chocolate mix) into the dry ingredients. Add the 120ml of boiling water and bottle of food colouring. Beet the mix to combine. I prefer to do it by hand but you could use an electric whisk. Pour the batter into two cake tins and bake in the centre of the oven for 25 minutes and have a cup of tea. Check they are cooked by using a skewer in the middle of each sponge. If it comes out clean its cooked.

Once cooked turn out onto a wire rack and cool. When cool you can ice and decorate them.

For the icing, beat the butter and soft cheese together. Stir in the icinc sugar and once its a little mixed in beat again till you have a smooth mixture. Add the vanilla essence and beat once more. It should be a silky smooth icing. Use some of the mix to sandwich the sponges together and then swirl the rest over the top and sides of the cake. Decorate the sides with the heart jellies. Pop the cake in the fridge to set, before serving leave it out for 5 minutes or so.

*Looking at the yoghurt and beetroot smoothie mix I thought this would be a good mix for a frozen yoghurt or with a little sugar added it could be a nice ice cream!

Beetroot Smoothie anyone?

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