Spaghetti Vongole

I was treated to a really, really nice dinner last night. We were away for the weekend back up visiting family in Hertfordshire. Saturday evening was quite nice as we went to a dinner party with Hana’s parents and some of their friends. We all had a good time with lots of food and I probably had more wine than I should have had. But it was a good evening. I think the best bit was the dessert, an iced birthday cake for Hana and her mum, banana muffins, and sponge cake with cream and jam covered in cream and fruit. The whole thing was delicious!

Sunday was a bit more of a relaxed afaire with a mountainous Sunday roast. Roast Lamb with roast potatoes, mashed swede and carrots (which mash together very well), and green veg followed by left over cake from Saturday night. I think my sides were almost splitting after all of that! So when we got home on Sunday we were both thinking the same thing, a good run and a light dinner that day.

Usually we take it in turns to do the cooking at home. We are pretty good at keeping it 50/50 unless one of us is really busy and needs to skip a go now and then. Monday it was Hana’s turn so Sunday evening I was having a think about what I would like Hana to cook. Earlier in February when I was trying out Valentines day recipes I made a really nice Clam pasta in a cream and wine sauce. I have wanted to try another recipe with clams or seafood since then but haven’t gotten around to it so I asked Hana if she could make one. A quick google search for clams and pasta brought up a recipe I remember seeing on a cookery show ages ago, Spaghetti vongole.

I love fish and seafood and sometimes think I don’t eat enough of it. Other times I think even if I had it everyday that wouldn’t be enough. This mixes two of my favorite ingredients in such a brilliant way. Anchovies and Clams. Clams can be an underrated seafood often loosing out to there more glamorous cousins like muscles or oysters. But clams have such a gorgeous taste, not too strong or overpowering.

We used a Nigella Lawson recipe, that cook book has served us well since we moved in together. The recipe is available on quite a few websites. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures as I was writing yesterdays post on Tuna Pasta Bake at the time and I forgot to ask Hana to take some.


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