Salad Dressing

I am at home today and fancied having a nice chicken salad for lunch. I posted a recipe a couple of days ago for a chicken salad I often have for lunch. Today I wanted to make it a little more interesting so whipped up a quick dressing from things in the fridge. I didn’t have the lemon to make my usual dressing so I threw one together from what I had and surprisingly it worked.

It needs to go with a strong salad with big flavours as it packed quite a punch itself. The fresh coriander cuts through the mustard well and the salad onions bring a sweetness to it.

Well my chicken is almost cooked so its nearly time to go and eat, but first the recipe.


2tsp French mustard

3tbsp olive oil

handful of fresh coriander

handful of fresh chives

3 salad onions.


finely chop the salad onions, coriander and chives and add to a mixing bowl. Spoon in the mustard and stir together. Finally add the oil a little at a time and whisk it well to combine. The oil may want to split with the mustard so give it a good hard whisking to bring it all together.

Serve with a nice chicken salad.


3 responses to “Salad Dressing

  1. Dear Russellskitchen,
    Very interesting, Salad dressing is easily a billion dollar industry in North America, and a typical bottle of dressing contains perhaps fifty cents worth of ingredients and three dollars worth of markup. Yet most of us have everything we need to make a good salad dressing from scratch at home, and the chances are that a homemade dressing will be both tastier and healthier than the ready-made kind.
    Keep up the good work


  2. Thanks for the comment and sorry about taking awhile to reply. Thats the thinking with this recipe. It just takes a couple of minutes to turn stuff many of us have in the cupboard into something which the supermarket would charge a huge markup on.


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