Sausage, sage and onion stuffing

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Another week over and its been quite a busy one! So for Sunday evening its got to be a Sunday roast. I have written posts before about how much I love a good roast. I can’t think of a meal which is more comforting or sattisfying at the end of a busy week than a glorious and filling Sunday roast.

We usually have roast chicken as its an easy roast to make, put in in the oven and forget about it for a couple of hours. Tonight we are having a chicken roast, courtesy of the lovely Hana, yum! I have put a recipe up for roast chicken before so I won’t post that here, but you can follow the link at the bottom to find it. Today I fancied going the whole hog and having yorkshire puddings and stuffing.
We haven’t had stuffing at home before as neither of us know how to make it but I really wanted it.

Growing up with my grandparents we always had mountainous roast dinners piled high. Jucy meat and crispy potatoes, crisp vegetables and moist stufing with yorkshire all covered in delicious gravy. One of my abbiding memories of roast dinners growing up is of the sage and onion stuffing my gran made. Traditionaly you just have it with roast chicken but we would have it with every roast wether beef, lamb, pork or chicken. We had it with every Sunday roast because I loved my grans stuffing sooo much that I would always pester my gran to make some. So each Sunday morning I would hang around the kitchen watching my gran and grandad making Sunday dinner intently waiting for the stuffing to be made before skipping happily off to the lounge to watch Sunday morning cartoons.

All those years of watching it being made you would think I’d know the recipe and how to make it. Sadly till today I didn’t know a recipe or wasn’t even sure of the list of ingredients. I had to think long and hard to remember what went into a stuffing mix. This isn’t my grans recipe but one which I think will be nice (its in the oven right now). This recipe is different to those traditional one I grew up with as it has sausage meat in. One day I will have to get my grans recipe and try making it myself but until then here is a nice recipe.


4 large sausages – skinned (I used cumberland sausage).
8 Rashers of streeky bacon
1 large onion
3tsp dried sage
1 egg yolk
1 apple – grated
100g breadcrumbs


Prepare all the ingredients and grab a mixing bowl. Add the chopped onions, grated apple and dried sage. Add the sausage meat, breadcrumbs and egg yolk.

Get stuck in with your fingers and work the ingredients together to form a mix. The egg should bind the rest of the ingredients together. The mix will make 8 large stuffing balls. Roll them in your hands and wrap each in a rasher of bacon. Pop on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.

Bake in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes at 190c. Delish!


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