Red velvet cupcakes

I was going to post this a few days ago but have been under the weather with a nasty stomach bug. I spent the middle of the week either in bed or on the sofa trying to eat anything I could keep down. Today has been the first day I have been able to eat properly again so have been eating everything in sight.

Tonight we had some yummy home made fish and chips which was just what I needed to build my strength back up. Well that and some cheesey puffs and a bit of early Easter egg. So here is what I intended to post on Tuesday. I was going to take some pictures after icing them but as I never got that far.

A couple of weeks ago it was Hana’s birthday. I think everyone deserves a birthday cake so I made her this wonderful Red velvet cake. It was absolutly delishious! I would go as far as to say it was the best tasting cake I have ever made. I was also quite proud of the job I did icing it as well. Usually that is the part which lets my cakes down, but this time I did it quite well.

I think alot of you really liked the look of the red velvet cake and I one comment from …………. suggesting I tried baking (and eating) red velvet cupcakes. I haden’t heard of red velvet cake until I made this one for Hana. Having tried it I knew it would make a really fun cupcake. Deep and intensly dark and rich but with some light pretty icing on the top they would be amasingly good as little cupcakes.

Today I gave into temptation and baked a couple of batches. I was going to bake just one batch but I got over excited and forgot that its just me and Hana living here and not a small army. As they are cooling on the wire racks I am wondering how many I should let myself have in the couple of days they will last. I am pretty sure thought that that number just wont be enough and some of them are going to be going to people at both our work places.

Sadly I didn’t get to have any of them whilst being poorly and I’m still not really up to having one yet. I used the same recipe as for the cupcakes as I did for the sponges and icing for the red velvet cake before.

In hindsight next time I would use a proper chocolate cupcake recipe next time with a little red food dye. The same icing recipe would work just fine and I think they would look really attractive with swirls of pink, red and white icing on top.

Thankfully I am feeling like myself again and eager to get back in the kitchen again. More recipes to follow soon!


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