I said in earlier this week that I spent Thursday evening and all of Friday last week in the kitchen covered in flour baking some really lovely treats. As it was mother’s day some of them came back to Harpenden with us over the weekend for presents and as I love cake some of the cookies are in tins in the kitchen waiting  to be eaten. Yum!

The rest were packaged up neatly and taken to some of the cafes in my local area (West London). Now why would I be taking cakes and cookies with me to a multitude of Cafés? Am I a caffeine addict who’s being super frugal and sneakily eating cakes under the table to save money? Why no.

I was taking them, along with flyers and shiny new business cards to cafes and coffee shops as little gifts for the proprietors. That’s right. Russellskitchen is leaving the kitchen and I am going out into the world on a mission to bring delicious home-made cakes, muffins and sweet treats to the people of London. I have decided to start my own business from home supplying homemade cakes and treats to Café’s and individuals alike.


What has inspired me to do this?

I love to cook and I love to bake. Even through there is just me and Hana in the flat we cook properly almost every night. And every so often the urge becomes overwhelming and I have to get in the kitchen and bake some cakes or muffins or cookies, a large portion of which often end up going with either Hana or me to work as we just can’t eat that much. Every time we take them to work people always comment on how much they like them and I started to think? I enjoy making them people enjoy eating them it seams like a marriage made in a cakey heaven.

There will be more information to follow soon like where you will be able to try some of my creations.  I will also be showing you more samples of my baking and different ways to get in contact with me. So keep watching this space!


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