Greece 2012, Athens

We landed in Athens yesterday afternoon. The flight was about as good as could be expected for me as I have quite a big fear of flying. As our flight was early Saturday morning we stayed at a hotel by Gatwick airport the night before. It wasn’t the best but it was good enough and the food was okay.

Saturday morning came around all too soon after a sleepless Friday night. We got to the airport nice and early and checked our bags in. Then it was a breakfast of Pancakes and Bacon before getting on the plane. For me this is about the most stressful thing I ever do, but I really wanted to go on this trip so bit the bullet and dossed up on valium. The flight was smooth and uneventful, just a bit of turbulence when coming into Athens but nothing much really.

Arriving mid afternoon we took a metro into the city and popped up at the Acropolis metro station, right by the new Acropolis museum and close to the flat we had rented for the week. After dumping our bags it was out to dinner and a walk around. The food was gorgeous and I thought I had a picture of it but my camera let me down.

There will be lots to follow about the food and Athens itself but for now here is the street we are staying on.



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