Food so good you’ll almost cry!

My first full day on Santorini began with spectacular views out over the caldera from both our private terrace and from the terrace at the hotel our honeymoon cavehouse is attached to, as I enjoyed a lovely breakfast buffet.


Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone to hand at breakfast but here are some shots from our terrace,



After a chilled out day at the black sand beach which was very cool, or rather burning hot we had a wonderful meal which was so good that if it were any better I would have cried! Mamas house is a charming restaurant where you are greeted by mama herself. She will make sure you have a nice table and check you are enjoying your food. She was one of the most genuine and happy people I have seen, a real asset to the restaurant.


We started with two appetizers, aubergine wraps in tomato sauce and a savoury veggie pancake.


This was simple but gorgeous. Then came the main course where I went to food heaven and a serious foodgasm. Seafood pasta. Muscles, huge prawns and calamari in a spectacular but simple tomato sauce with spaghetti. I can’t say more than wow!



I am really enjoying my time in Greece. It’s a wonderful country with a rich past and welcoming people. Defiantly a place to come back to.

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