Food so good you’ll almost cry – part 2

Food so good you’ll almost cry again! I thought the meal in my last post was the king of dinners, Mama’s House was awesome and some of the best food I have ever had but then last nigg we went to a little resturant called Kapari, just on the edge of Fira town. It was a very simple and unpreposessing sort of a place. It looked lovely but not like it was trying to, it just happened to be rustic and gorgeous.

The food was just the kind that I like. It was simple, uncomplicated good honest rustic food. The kind of food which fills me up.


The outside of the resturant.

And our meals, again food so good I could have cried after eating it.


Good wine.


Good starter, vegetable croquettes,



And two wonderful main courses!


4 responses to “Food so good you’ll almost cry – part 2

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