A week in Athens – Part 2. Breakfast with friends.

This is the second part of my series on our week in Athens. You can find the first part of it with some fab pictures of the Acropolis here.

Tuesday we carried on seeing some of the amasing ancient sites dotted throughout Athens but We began the day with breakfast at a little cafe near the base of the Acropolis. I had some fantastic breakfasts during our time in Greece, many of them on Santorini. In Athens my favourite thing to have for breakfast was the Koulouri rings.

Koulouri are perfect as a breakfast or a snack whilst your walking around the city. They are available throughout the day as snacks but they are best with a nice coffee at breakfast time. Koulouri come in a variety of sizes from the small and thin to the huge fat ones I preferred.

The larger Koulouri were softer and more chewy whilst the smaller ones are firmer and almost crispy on the outside. All of them were slightly sweet and delicious and coated in sesame seeds. Generally they are served plain, just as they are, but you could have them with a little jam or marmalade.

Our breakfast was joined by some a little friend trying to get some of the lovely Koulouri. I had to feed him a little but then a few more popped by as well.

After managing to wrestle enough of the bread from the little birds we had another amassing day looking around the sights of Athens.

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I have to finish off again with a picture of the Parthenon.


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