Hana’s Summertime Smoothie

We have been basking in some lovely weather in London the past week. It has been gorgeous, hot but just on the cusp of being too hot for me. I didn’t got to enjoy much of it at the end of last week as I had a couple of interviews towards the end of the week,which is good news. I was also busy in the kitchen on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning baking ahead of my second bake sale Saturday afternoon. This time though the sun was out again it went much better than last time. There was a good foot fall of people through the day and I turned a profit! yay. That’s not bad for a starting business and only the second time I have been out to sell some cakes. I will follow up with a post including some pictures soon but for now its on to Sunday.

We had both had a busy week and with the sunny weather decided to have a day in the park. Hyde park in London had a big boating lake. A small part of the lake is a Lido, an out door swimming pool. It’s a really nice little area with its own bank to sit on and relax with a drink. I perched myself under a tree and dove into a book (reading a mind bending one on particle physics at the mo) whilst Hana went for a swim.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, Summer comes early!

It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. When we got home Hana used the left over fruit from the bake sale along with a couple of other things in the fridge to make a tasty smoothie. This is a dairy smoothie, with yummy fat free yogurt in but could be made with just juice. There are so many combinations of fruit and juice you can use. Just choose your favourite and pile it in a blender.

Summer Smoothie

Summer Smoothie

Summer Smoothie,


1 punnet of blueberries

1 banana (its always good to add one as it gives texture)

Orange juice, with pulp

half a tub of low/fat free yogurt (approx 300ml)


Wash the blueberries and add them to a blender. Peal and chop the banana and add it in too. Spoon in a good half tub (300ml) of yogurt. Top with Orange juice and blend. You may need to add more juice after first blending it depending on how thick you like your smoothie.

Enjoy! There lots of smoothie’s you could make and its a good thing to experiment with. This one was perfect for yesterday afternoon.

Hot day in Hyde Park

Summer kick’s off early with some fab hot weather

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