Strawberry Sunset Smoothie

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Whilst I love vegetables and always try to eat more than the recommended five portions a day I am not always so good with eating fruit. This may sound odd coming from someone who loves cake and sweets but I often find a lot of fruit to be too sweet. I am also not too keen on the texture of fruit’s like oranges or peaches. The one way always love getting my dose of fruit is in a delicious smoothie. They are delicious, and packed with fruity goodness. I usually prefer the non-dairy ones with fruit, juice and ice but Hana’s smoothies with Greek yogurt are awesome. They are lovely and thick and glossy. The best thing about a home made smoothie is how easy they are to make with a few simple ingredients and a blender.

Sunset Smoothie mix

Sunset Smoothie mix

Back on Sunday I blogged about a lovely Summertime Smoothie Hana made for us after a lazy day in Hyde park, London. I enjoyed it and thought it was a perfect end to a gorgeous Sunday. It was made from a few bits we had left over in the fridge and store cupboard and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But, Hana said she could make a better one so I went out and got some bits and pieces to make what has to be the perfect smoothie which Hana named the Strawberry Sunset Smoothie. I have to hand it to Hana this one was even better than her last. With summer coming quickly and nice hot weather here a cooling smoothie is a great way to beat the heat and the strawberry sunset smoothie is the perfect way to end a warm summers day.

Yummy sunset smoothie

Yummy sunset smoothie

Strawberry sunset smoothie

Ingredients ~ makes 4 portions

1 punnet of strawberries

2 peaches

1 banana

250g Greek yogurt

1 glass of orange juice


This is one of the simplest but best recipes I have posted. Prepare the fruit. Take the tops off the strawberries and add to a blender. Roughly chop the peaches and pop those in too. Spoon the Greek yogurt in. Peal the banana and break it into the blender. Finish by adding the orange juice.

Yummy sunset smoothie

Yummy sunset smoothie

Pulse to break up the fruit then speed it up and blend until you have a delicious smoothie!

Enjoy a nice glass of smoothie whilst watching the sun going down over London.

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8 responses to “Strawberry Sunset Smoothie

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  2. I left you a respond to your question about the smoothies day ago but it seems like it didn’t go through.

    So, here is link to a list of smoothies I tasted/made so far:

    they all had my and my two year old daughter approval but not mine husband’s. he is VERY picky so he doesn’t like MANY things, although I’ve created a smoothie with kale and flax-see meal for him and he LOVES it.
    It’s really simple:
    1 banan
    1/2 apple (sweet kind)
    3 big strawberries
    1 1/2 cup ice cubes
    1/8 cup flax-seed meal
    1 leaf kale

    if you make it let me know how you liked it 🙂


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