Herman the living cake? day 4

Its the start of an exciting weekend in London, the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Its a long weekend with Monday and Tuesday as public holidays to celebrate 60 years of the Queen on the thrown. There are street parties up and down the country and tomorrow there will be a huge river pageant on the Thames.  The Queen in a royal barge will lead a flotilla of over 1000 boats down the Thames. I have been waiting to see this for quite a while, as I love everything to do with ships. Not everyone supports having a monarchy and if I was building a country from scratch then I wouldn’t include one but its still nice to have the country come together in a big celebration.

Talking of exciting things, today was an exciting day with friendship cake, Herman. After 3 days of watching him and giving him a good stir today Herman was hungry. It’s a strange thing to find that you have a cake growing in the kitchen and that it needs feeding but thats the adventure of a living cake. I was up a little late for work this morning so I didn’t get chance to have a look at him before heading out the door. When I came home sneaked a peaked and he had doubled in volume!

After popping dinner in the oven I turned my attention to Herman and his feeding time. He needed a cup of flour, a cup of sugar and a cup of milk, then a good stirring. After mixing it all in he didn’t look too bubbly (which is not good) so I hope he perks up soon.

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Herman the German Friendship Cake ~ day 4 

Herman is hungry! Add 1 cup of plain flour, sugar and milk. Stir well.

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