Herman the living cake? day 5

Its been a exciting and fun day to day. This weekend is the Queen’s diamond Jubilee and up and down the country there are lots of things going on to celebrate. The big focus of the festivities  was in London again today as the Thames was filled with over 1000 boats for a river pageant. This was the first royal pageant on the Thames in around 350 years!

We had a good afternoon although it was a bit damp to begin with till it eventually did rain. There were so many people there that we didn’t get anywhere near the edge and watched it all on one of the many big screen TV’s along the Embankment.The procession passed us before the rain really poured down and it wasn’t too bad till we were in Starbucks getting a half price Frappuccino at which point I didn’t care too much.

Back to Herman. I checked him a little earlier this evening and boy had he grown since I fed him last night! He was huge! I gave him a good stirring as per the instructions. I wonder how big he’s going to get after I had fed him a couple more times before finally cooking.

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Herman the German Friendship Cake ~ day 5 

Stir well.



2 responses to “Herman the living cake? day 5

    • Thanks Anarty. I like the name too but I can’t take the credit as this is the name for a German friendship cake. I still think it a strange thing, a living cake but I am really enjoying the experience.


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