Herman the living cake? day 6

We are more than half way to baking day on Friday now and the anticipation is mounting in the kitchen. I can’t wait to taste him. Judging by the smell from Herman he must be fermenting to grow. He smells a bit like cider and I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Not too much to report with what I did to Herman today. He is still growing well and I think I will have to transfer him to a new bowl before baking on Friday night. I gave old Herman a good stirring and that was it with him.

Herman the German Friendship cake - day 6

Herman the German Friendship cake – day 6

You can see how big he is getting and if you could see me you’d see a very happy and proud baker!

It was the first of a double bank holiday (public holiday) for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. We didn’t go and see any of the Jubilee events today and just had a nice quiet morning pottering around the flat. This afternoon we had a nice treat, a movie then over to Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a naughty dinner. I had to get a picture of my awesome Wild Boar burger. Yum!

Wild Boar burger!

Wild Boar burger!


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