Herman the living cake? day 7

Day 7 already! Time certainly flies when your having fun! It’s been fund so far watching Herman grow up from a little bit of batter in the bottom of a mixing bowl to the big bowl filler he is today. Aside from time rushing by with Herman it feels like this extra long, double bank holiday weekend has flown by as well. I guess its because I have been up to lots of nice things and have really enjoyed spending time with family, friends and some quality time with Hana.

We had a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Jubilee London to the quiet picturesque Wiltshire town of Marlborough. We were visiting some of Hana’s relatives who live there. It was a pretty easy journey out of London and in what seemed like no time at all we were on a train racing through green fields.

It was nice to get out of London for the day as it has been full of people over the last few days celebrating the Jubilee (thanks for the extra holiday day!). We had lunch at an Italian resturant. It is part of a chain but we had a really nice meal. I should have got a picture of my huge Meatball Al Forno or the divinely inspired Eton mess cheesecake! Yum.

Well here is todays picture of Herman and the few instructions I had for Herman Friday ebbs ever closer and I look forward to eating a big slice!

Herman the German Friendship Cake – day 7
Stir well.


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