Herman the living cake? day 8

Herman was seriously bubbly today. Seriously bubbly! There is not too much left to report with him other than the delicious smell of fermented apple. Yum! Friday approaches quickly and I think I get to feed him again tomorrow, so I will get to watch him explode in size once more.

After the rainy bank-holiday weekend the weather has brightened up again in London. It could be frustrating thinking of how much nicer the river pageant would have been in the better weather but c’est la vie!

My next foodie treat also beckons. I’m now looking forward to my 30th birthday on Saturday. We are having a little party for a few friends and I am trying to decide what sort of food to make. I really like the idea of Greek food with my favorite foods from our trip. The best part about that is a lot of them are relatively easy to make. Hana has been trying to pin me down to a birthday cake but its difficult to decide. Leafing through the Nigella Lawson cookbook, feast, there is a fantastic assortment of chocolate cakes each more deliciously naughty looking than the last. But I did love the look of the Strawberries and cream Victoria Sponge I made for my bake sale last month so its all still to play for in cake terms.

Strawberries and Cream Victoria Sponge

Strawberries and Cream Victoria Sponge

I just had to post a picture of it as I was very proud!

Well here is Herman’s picture for today and his instructions.

Herman the German ~ Day 8

Herman the German ~ Day 8

Herman the German Friendship cake ~ day 8 

Stir well.


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