Herman the living cake? days 9

Right now as I am writing this post, at 12.30 am, Herman is in the oven baking away. I didn’t manage to write his diary entry yesterday as I was ill for the afternoon and evening so this is that post. It was a stomach bug which came out of no where and disappeared back into nowhere. It meant that yesterday Hana had to take over with Herman and look after him. A big thank you to Hana for looking after my little Herman.

Because I was busy this morning getting ready for a job interview and was only home briefly between that and going out  to London zoo Late’s (which is Awesome!) I didn’t see Herman till very late this evening and boy had he grown!

Day 9 was another feed day with the same mix of ingredients as day 4.  So here is a quick over view of day 9 for little Herman

Herman the German Friendship cake ~ day 9 

Add one cup of flour, one cup of sugar, one cup of milk. Stir well. (Make sure he is still bubbly)

Here he is after his feed day on Thursday.

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