Herman the living cake – day 10

Well here we are day 10. Herman is in the oven at the moment and he is about half way through his baking time. Its quite late, 12.45am. Why am I baking at this time? you may ask. Well I have been out for most of the day and evening. We got back quite late from a fantastic night at London Zoo late. Its a cool idea where on Friday evenings during the summer after normal closing time the Zoo reopens but to adults only. Its a fun evening with a world food court, nice drinks including a Pimms tent and lots of beer. There is even a silent disco, where you dance to music on headphones and if you have time there are all the animals to see too before they get put to bed at 9pm.

We went last summer and had a great evening with lots of yummy food and getting to see all the animals. I loved seeing the Gorillas and the Penguin beach is really cool. They are awesome underwater and its funny to see them waddle along. Oh dear I seem to have gone off topic. Back to Herman.

Before adding the remaining ingredients to Herman I had to transfer him to a bigger mixing bowl. There was quite a bit to add to him today. As it was late I just popped it all in at once and gave him a good beating till it all looked mixed together before pouring out into two cake tins lined with grease proof paper. Its going to be a lot of Cake to eat tomorrow so I hope enough people come along. It really has been fun looking after Herman these past 10 days. I thought the idea of a living cake was very odd to begin with but I quickly got used to the idea and now I want another. Who would have thought you could become addicted to growing dessert in your kitchen! I really recommend a Herman the German Friendship cake to everyone who has been following this diary. If he tastes as good as its been fun to look after him then i am in for a real treat.

Baking time is almost over and the smell is wonderful. I had better take it out and see if there is a cake to eat!

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Herman the German Friendship cake ~ day 10 baking day

Ingredients to add to Herman batter

1 cup sugar

2 cups flour

2 eggs

2tsp vanilla essence

2tsp cinnamon

2tsp baking powder

1/2tsp salt

2 thirds cup cooking oil

2 cooking apples pealed and cut into chunks

1 cup of raisins

1/2 cup of almonds


Mix everything together with the Herman batter. If you have a large enough cake or roasting tin then add it all in in one go if not split it into two or more cake tins as i did.

Bake for 45 -50 mins at 170-180c

Cake freezes well and is delicious served warm with ice cream. (gotta try that!)



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