30th Birthday Dinner and Cake

Last night was my 30th Birthday! Just don’t let too many people know its happened. I am still a little in shock that I have reached that milestone and left my twenties behind me. I think 30 is a big birthday as to a certain extent it marks the end of youth and passing into being a proper “grown up”. I got some nice presents from people. Hana gave me a very nice brown leather wallet, I love brown leather things, and it goes very well with my shoes, belt, watch and many other things so its a really good gift. I also got a really cool Marvel dvd, The Ultimate Avengers cartoon movie.

(Oh dear this post has now revealed both my old age and love of comic books! woops).

So last night we had a birthday party at the flat. Herman the German friendship cake made an appearance and we sent everyone home with a nice big slice of him! It was really nice to have a big group of people around to the flat, something we have not done in awhile. I had a good birthday and enjoyed the party a lot.

For my birthday cake we had a delicious Ultimate Chocolate Cake handmade by the lovely Hana. (fits with the Avengers!) That was the cake sorted. But what to feed people?

I had been thinking about what I would like to make, was there was a theme I wanted to go with? In the end I went for a couple of Greek recipes, Lamb with Orzo and a vegetarian bean stew. Both dishes went down quite well and we even had a few bottles of Mythos (Greek beer) and some nice Greek wine to wash it down with. You could say I have become a little obsessed with Greece since our holiday there back in April and you would be right!

Here are some photos of the cakes. I was in such a rush when cooking yesterday as I was at work in the morning (on my birthday!) that I didn’t take any pictures of the two main courses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be posting the following recipes from my birthday over the next few days,

Gigantes Plaki 

Greek Lamb with Orzo

Ultimate Chocolate cake! 

Classic Pimms cocktail

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