Ice Bar and Olympic Walk

Its been a very busy and fun weekend. Saturday night Hana and I went out in central London to celebrate a friends birthday at the coolest bar in London, hehe. The Ice Bar, just of Regent Street, really is a cool place to be. The Ice bar is run by the company behind the Ice Hotel in Sweden (a hotel in the arctic circle which is built out of ice every year) the Ice Bar is a standard bar/ lounge with a separate area which is kept at -7c. Inside this frozen area the whole bar interior is made of ice transported from the purest river in Sweden. Pretty cool! (okay I can’t help the bad jokes but I think they are out of my system).

To visit you pre-book a 40 minute slot in the Ice area and before going in are given a trendy thermal cape with cloves. Inside literally everything is made of Ice, the walls, the bar and even your glass, which you have to keep with you. The strange thing is it doesn’t feel to cold inside due to the iglu effectt. I have to say that this is a real experience and though the frozen area is quite small and you only get a 40 minutes in there it is fun. Its not a venue for every weekend but I enjoyed it and would go back next year as the design changes yearly.

After a night partying in the heart of London what you need is a relaxed Sunday. Perhaps a laying in bed for awhile followed by some lounging around the flat reading a newspaper, in short a relaxed day. Shame we had to get up early for a small charity walk. When I say small I mean just over 11 miles from West to East London. I was joining Hana and some of her work friends and colleagues in a sponsored walk with an Olympic theme. We started in Shepherds bush, West London. BBC Television Center sits on the site of the 1948 Olympic venue. Prior to 2012 London has actually held the Olympic games twice. The first was in 1908 and the second in 1948. From our starting point in Shepherds Bush we more or less followed the Regents Canal through West, North and East London to Stratford and the site of the London 2012 Olympics.

It was a really lovely way to spend a Sunday. Okay it did rain a couple of times and we all got a bit wet, even under my huge umbrella! But London has some really beautiful walks. If your in London I recommend taking a walk along the Regents Canal. I think the best bit is between Little Venice and Camden Town, especially when you go past London Zoo and can see some of the animals including the huge aviary overhanging the canal tow path.

An 11 mile walk may not exactly be an Olympic effort and yes we did stop for lunch and a couple of drinks breaks , but I was proud we did it and felt very good after. What made it all worth while (aside from raising money for charity) was finishing the day in a cafe overlooking the new Olympic venue in Stratford enjoying a bbq and a cool beer.

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