Tzatziki, yogurt and cucumber dip

Finally after a long enough wait summer has come to London. Its just in time for the impending Olympics which I am not sure whether to be excited about or not. I was proud back in 2007 (?) when London got the bid to host the games and despite some hiccups which I guess go hand-in-hand with such a big project I still think it will be a really good games. However living in London and travelling about on the tube and buses to work I wonder what it will mean for the people who live and work here, having this many extra people in London. But with just a couple of days to go I guess I am excited and I am looking forward to going to see the paralympic swimming at the end of the summer.



Back to the sunshine. So far this year summer has been a bit of a damp squib, we had a crazy amount of rain in June and July and up until this weekend it looked like the T-shirts and shorts should be put back in storage for next year. Thankfully Sunday we had a gorgeous day and it has continued so far this week which means I am thinking about picnics and using my lovely little hamper.

When the sun comes out I tend to move away from big heavy stodgy dishes and prefer salads, grilled fish and lighter meals. In hope of better encouraging better weather, we had a nice Greek meal of Pork chops, cider and olives with a salad a couple of weeks ago and Hana made this simple Tzatziki dip to go with it. You can buy it ready made from the supermarket but it tastes so much better if you make it fresh at home. You can also make sure you are using 0% fat yogurt so it is a nice healthy and guilt free dip. It goes really well with tasty summer salads, but I also love sitting down with a big pot of tzatziki, some toasted pitta bread and a few chopped veggies. That makes a really delish snack or light summer lunch.

This recipe is a guide line. You can play around with the recipe and change the quantities to balance the flavours as you like them.





  • 1/2 a cucumber
  • a splash of olive oil
  • 350g of 0% fat Greek yogurt
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • handful of mint
  • 2tbsp lemon juice
  • a little paprika to sprinkle on top


Wash, peel and de-seed the cucumber. Finely chop or grate the cucumber (as a dip I like it to have more texture so I would go for slightly chunkier bits). Dry out the cucumber with some kitchen paper to remove excess water.

Fold the cucumber into the yogurt in a mixing bowl. Crush the garlic till its almost a paste, finely chop then add to the bowl. Chop the mint leafs and add them and the lemon juice. Pour in a dash of olive oil and mix well to combine.

Serve in a shallow dish with some raw vegetables or on the side of fish or lamb dishes. Sprinkle the top of the tzatziki with a bit of paprika.


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