Cupcake sale

Burlesque night, cupcake stall

Burlesque night, cupcake stall

If you saw the pictures I posted last night then you will have seen the naughty cupcakes I made for a stall at a local Burlesque night. This was my third time taking RussellsKitchen out of the flat and running a cake stall. The two stalls I have run before weren’t quite as risqué as last night’s with its Burlesque themed cupcakes. The burlesque show itself was different to what I thought it might be. Yes it is erotic but its also comic and some of the acts were far more theatrical than I expected. I was surprised with the variety in style and content of the acts throughout the show. My favourite act was a comedy routine by a woman dressed as Jessica Rabbit. It was a bit risqué, but very funny.

It was a bit more of a challenge to do this stall than my two previous ones. Firstly I didn’t have as much notice before the night, so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to be. Secondly (and probably most importantly) I have never been to a burlesque night before. I didn’t really know what to expect from either the show or the customers. Would it all be very alternative and avant garde? or would it all be strangely normal. In the end it was a bit of both.

I thought a stall of cupcakes would be the way to go as they are a little naughty treat and the sort of thing which should go well with the tone of the night. This meant I could make burlesque themed cupcakes. Beyond boobs and bra’s I wasn’t sure what a burlesque cupcake would look like so I had to do a bit of research and look around at burlesque themed cakes. I decided to put my skills in sugar craft to the test and make cupcake toppers with royal icing and some piping. I found several designs I really liked and have tried making some of them over the last two weeks to varying degrees of success, all I will say is making boobs and bra’s out of icing is more difficult than it sounds!

Burlesque cupcakes, thong toppers

Burlesque cupcakes, thong toppers

I made three flavours of cupcakes with very appropriate names,

Take my cherry’s vanilla cupcake

Take my cherry, Vanilla cupcake

Take my cherry, Vanilla cupcake

Coco’s chocolate orange orgasm and Lick me lemon filled cupcakes.

Burlesque cupcakes

Coco’s chocolate orgasm (right) Lick me Lemon (left)

I used the base cupcake mix from Humming Bird bakery, a tried and tested favourite which I have posted a couple of times before and you can find here. I made it without the vanilla, split it into three, adding the flavours after.

Burlesque Cupcake stand

Burlesque Cupcake stand

I was happy with how the sale went and I think I have a few more fans of my cupcakes. I did make a profit and although it was small I was very happy with the result. Its really nice when you see people enjoying things you have made and I can’t wait to do another soon.




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