Cantina Laredo. Anniversary dinner.

Today is the anniversary of mine and Hana’s first date. It seems like it was just yesterday we were going out on that first date for a couple of drinks, I often find it hard to believe its been that long. I still get excited each time we go out on a date somewhere. As out anniversary fell on a Sunday this year we decided to have our night out the day before on Saturday.

For anyone who has not guessed yet we both love food and drink. I said before how much we love Mexican food and the wonderful frozen margarita cocktail. Back in February when it was Hana’s birthday we went out for drinks to a very lovely place in Covent Garden, London called Cantina Laredo. We had eaten before hand but Hana had seen reviews saying there were fantastic margarita’s here so we had to have a few. The drinks were awesome, if not quite strong and to soak up a little of the alcohol we ordered a couple of starters. The food was to die for! Just fantastic.

So for our anniversary we decided to go to Cantina Laredo for dinner and what a dinner it was! Start to finish it was really lovely. The restaurant itself is styled in a very clean and modern way. The decor is simple and elegant and the presentation of the food matched perfectly.

The menu was filled with lovely Mexican dishes and some which were Mexican influenced, like the steak I chose to have as my main course. I have been looking over the menu for a few days and already decided on my starter and main course before we got there. As I was having a big main course I ordered a simple starter, Tortilla chips and two salsa’s (hot and cool). Hana had a very well presented Ceviche which is tortilla shells with marinated fish and sea food.

Cantina Laredo. Starter Ceviche

Cantina Laredo. Starter Ceviche

Moving on the the main course, I had been looking forward to the steak for a long time and it was well worth the wait. I think you can see a lot about a restaurant from how well it does a steak. Cantina Laredo does a perfect steak. I asked it for it rare and it was cooked to perfection.

Cascabel Ribeye

Cantina Laredo Covent Garden. Cascabel Ribeye

Hana is in love with Mexican food so went for a more traditionally Mexican dish, Enchiladas Del Mar. Tortillas filled with prawns, scallops and fish with a chili de arbol cream sauce with spicy rice and spinach. All yum too.

Enchiladas Del Mar

Cantina Laredo. Covent Garden. Enchiladas Del Mar

After a starter, main and a tasty margarita I should have been full but then I thought I would have a look at the desert menu. It can’t hurt after all. So I had to order the Tequila lime Cheesecake with Avocado Ice cream. How awesome does that sound?

Tequila lime cheesecake with avocado ice cream.

Tequila lime cheesecake with avocado ice cream.

It tasted great and I was really surprised with the Ice cream. I thought avocado ice cream would be really strange but it works so well and complimented the Tequila and lime perfectly.

This really should have been enough. But it wasn’t. I still felt a little peckish so decided to start again with another portion of the Tortilla’s and salsa’s. Finally I was just about full.

It was a lovely meal. The food itself was incredible and the presentation was, like the restaurant simple and elegant.


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