Olympic treat. Chocolate Wenlock

London 2012 is coming to an end. In half an hour or so the closing ceremony will start and London will pass the duties of the Olympic host city to Rio and Brazil. I have enjoyed watching so many of the sportign achievements over the past two weeks. I haven’t been lucky enough to see them live at the Olympic parks but it has been no less special watching on TV.

There have been so many amazing moments over the past two weeks of competition. Watching moments like Usain Bolt winning a second Olympic gold in the 100 and 200 meters sprint was quite something and then Jamaica winning the mens 4 x 100 meters.

And then there has been the performance of Team GB who have excelled and beaten all expectations to come third overall in the table! A small island nation punching well above its weight. It has truly been amazing. The country has seen that it can still do something amazing, that it can come together and deilver far more than people could think possible.

To celebrate I had a tasty little Chocolate Wenlock treat.


Now I am really looking forward to watching the Paralympics in just over a weeks time and it can not wait to go to the Olympic park to see Paralympic swimming.


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