Mango, Avocado and Feta salad

“You’ve been making some really nice salads recently” said Hana the other night.

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I thought about it and I have been making a lot of salads over the past couple of weeks. It’s because summer  briefly came to London for the past couple of weeks and it has warmed up a lot. Summer definitely came late to London this year. We went through June and early July without a hint of proper some summer weather. Finally a few days after the Olympics started we got into the full swing of sunshine and summer came along. We have had some nice weather interspersed with a bit of cooling rain here and there, but I don’t mind that really. When its hot a cooling rain shower can be just what you want.

When summer comes along I can’t eat as much as I normally do or perhaps would like to, which is probably good for my waistline. Its a combination of the hot days sapping my ability to eat as much and that I feel more energised in the sun, as long as its not too hot. For me summer means eating smaller or lighter meals and lots of fresh salads.  It also means being a bit creative with salads to keep diner times interesting.

I posted a recipe a couple of weeks ago for a Mackerel and Bacon salad which I thought was really delicious, its a really full bodied salad which feels like a proper satisfying meal. My Mango, Avocado and Feta salad is really fresh and light dish. The Mango in the salad makes it really refreshing and perfect for a warm summers evening. I served it as a side dish with this superb Greek Prawn (Garides) Saganaki from a recipe on the RealGreekRecipes blog. The two complimented each other really well but this salad would be perfect as a meal on its own. As a main dish I would probably add a handful of pine nuts for protein and have it with a nice glass of white wine. A perfect meal for a warm summers evening.

Mango, avocado and feta salad

Feeds two people as a side dish, double quantities to make as a main.


80g bag of pea shoots

1 medium  mango

1 medium avocado

6 cherry tomatoes

100g feta cheese

* handful of pine nuts (optional)


Wash the pea shoots and pop them in a salad bowl, I used our large mixing bowl to serve it in. Wash the cherry tomatoes and chop them in half. I cut across the middle instead of top to bottom as they look nicer when presented this way.

Cut the mango in half, then peal it and chop the delicious flesh into bite sized chunks. If you have any juice on the chopping board pour it on the pea shoots and it will be a bit of dressing.

Chopped Mango

Chopped Mango

Cut the Avocado in half and remove the stone. Peal it and again chop into bite sized chunks.



Toss the mango, avocado and tomatoes through the pea shoots and top with the feta crumbled over them. If you are using them toss the pine nuts over the salad.

Mango avocado and feta salad

Mango avocado and feta salad

Its yummy, delicious and so fresh. I have been putting mango in a lot of salads since I made this recipe. I think mango works really well in salads and will be using it a lot more in the future.



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