Prawn saganaki

Prawn saganaki


I know I have been raving for the past few months about the food I had back in Greece but it was a real gastronomic treat. I had so many new dishes out there and tried lots of new foods. Whilst my passion for food was reignited and the initial inspiration for this blog was the cusine I experienced on a trip to France, the food of Greece was something else entirely.

This is the story of one dish I fell in love with. I think it was either our first or second full day on Santorini. The sun shone down on the terrace outside our cave house in Imerovigli as I enjoyed a black coffee. Our plan was to go to one of the main beachs on the otherside of the island. Hana would swim and I would catch up on some reading. Around midday we took a leisurely walk by the coast path into Fira, the islands main town. The buses don’t run too frequently so we had to wait a while and decided to get some lunch. Whilst waiting for the bus we decided to get some lunch and went to the bar/ restaurant we went to on our first night. One of the dishes we ordered was this prawny lovelyness. I loved it at the time and have wanted to try it since we got back.

Since coming back I have been looking up recipes for a lot of the dishes I tried and fell in love with in Greece. Its taking a while to work through them all and try cooking everything I want to. This prawn dish is the latest dish I found and made. I found the recipe on a good Greek recipe blog,

Prawn (Garides) Saganaki

Ingredients for 4

800g cooked Prawns
1 finely diced Onion
300g can of fresh tomatoes
200g crumbled, feta cheese
1 chopped green pepper
1 chilli, finely diced
2 cloves of garlic
50ml ouzo ( I used vodka as we didn’t have ouzo)
1tsp dried chilli
2-3tbsp olive oil


Heat the olive oil in a large pan. When hot add the garlic, chopped and dried chillies and the onion and fry until soft and golden. Meanwhile pre-heat the grill ready for later.

After 5-10 minutes add the green pepper and fry for 2 minutes before adding the cooked prawns and ouzo. Continue to fry for 2 more minutes. If your using cooked prawns they just need warming through.

Add the canned tomatoes and simmer for a five minutes. Transfer to an ovenproof dish and top with the crumbled feta cheese. If you have individual serving dishes you can these.

Grill under a high heat till the cheese has melted and is golden and melted.

It goes well with a simple salad. I have been trying out lots of new ones recently, this goes well with my mango and avocado feta salad.

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