Paralympic games with some Turkey kebab skewers

Turkey kebab skewers

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Olympic park in Stratford, London. If I had simply had a day pass to the Olympic park I would have been over the moon just to be there and to be part of London 2012 but I was also lucky enough to see the morning session of Paralympic swimming in the Aquatics center. It was a truly amazing experience to have been in the park and the venues and to see some fantastic athletes competing in the pool as part of the 2012 Paralympics.

London 2012 Aquatics centre

London 2012 Aquatics centre

Approaching the Olympic park by train you wind around the outskirts of the park getting glimpses of the fantastic buildings. We were on a train full of people all in good spirits and all looking forward to seeing sporting greatness. Before the Olympic and Paralympic games began there were concerns that the tickets wouldn’t sell, that security would be a nightmare or that it just wouldn’t come together. Well having been to the park, full of a sea of people and sitting in a packed Aquatics centre I can say that it looked like everything more than came together. The games makers, the volunteers of the games were brilliant as we walked from the station to the park, high-fiveing people, singing and helping to make it a brilliant atmosphere to be part of.

Olympic park London Summer of 2012

Olympic park London Summer of 2012

The park itself and the stadium is spectacular. The Aquatics centre looks very futuristic from the outside. I think the designers of the park did a really good job of creating interesting looking buildings and lots of space, including lots of parkland for picnics, very English.

The night before we went I had my first swimming lesson, yes had to believe, I can’t swim at all. In my first lesson I just about managed to float using a big foam thingy. There in the pool were people smashing records and swimming so fast I almost couldn’t believe it. The morning session were the heats where we saw Joseph Craig break the Paralympic and World records, that evening we sat at home and watched him go on to break his record and collect a gold medal.

Taking inspiration from London 2012 Hana and I are running a 10k race in Hyde Park at the end of September. I have been upping my cardio and I think I am on plan to do it. With that in mind I am trying to cut down on sugary and fatty foods, eating healthier in preparation for the run. I made this dinner this evening for a tasty, healthy dinner. lean Turkey, juicy peppers and delish salad.

Turkey Kebab Skewers 

Turkey kebab skewers

Turkey kebab skewers

Cooking time 30 minutes | serves 1 | easy to make

Ingredients for 2 Turkey Skewers.

180g lean Turkey breast cut into equal chunks
1 Red pepper
1 Green pepper

2 kebab skewers

Side salad

1 washed lettuce
remainder of the red and green peppers from the skewers
1 stick of celery
2 spring onions
100g feta cheese
1/2 a avocado
Handful of pitted green olives


Turkey skewer kebabs

Pre-heat your grill (or bbq if the sun is shining). Wash and chop the peppers into fairly big chunks as they will reduce in size a little in cooking.

Red and Green Pepper

Red and Green Pepper

Layer the turkey and pepper slices on the skewers alternating each time.

Turkey kebab skewers

Turkey kebab skewers

Grill for 15-20 minutes depending on how big your chunks are. Turn every 5 minutes to ensure they cook evenly.

Turkey Kebab Skewers - cooked

Turkey Kebab Skewers – cooked

Side salad

To make the salad, wash the lettuce and mix in any bit of pepper you have left over from the kebab skewers. Wash and chop the Celery and spring onion(s).

Remove the stone from the avocado, remove the skin and roughly chop the flesh. Toss it all in a bowl and top with chopped feta and the handful of olives.

Turkey Kebab skewers with side salad

Turkey Kebab skewers with side salad

When the Kebab skewers are ready, pop them on a plate with a big portion of the salad and a wrap for a bit of carbohydrate.

London 2012 Olympic stadium 2012

On Sunday the Paralympics draw to a close and with it the end of London 2012. It has been an amazing summer. I have been lucky enough to see things which will last a lifetime.

Recipes which I think look pretty good.


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