10k Challenge

Its been a busy couple of weeks and I have been running around a lot between different things. I am getting some traction on my change in career and am really getting into the internship I started back in August. I am really enjoying my time there and I have now started getting some freelance work too which is a welcome boost not just to my wallet but also to my confidence. Its really great to see things start to pay off even if some of it is a bit challenging.

Aside from being busy at work Hana and I have been training for the last few weeks to do a 10k charity run tomorrow morning in Hyde park for the British heart foundation. I post a lot of recipes for tasty treats, desserts and cakes but I do like to keep fit and in shape. I usually hit the gym 5 times a week mainly to do weights and I do watch what I eat. I have to keep an eye on myself that I don’t eat too much in the way of fatty or sweet things as, for me, it’s easily done.

I find I am not always that good at keeping track of what I eat and what exercise I do by my self so I note everything down. Back in the old fashioned days of pen and paper I used a dog-eared old note book which came with me to the gym every day. These days I use mobile apps and website like Slimkicker.com. It has lots of really useful tools and is a fun way to track you diet and exercise. It keeps you accountable and you can challenge yourself, friends and other people.

Though I exercise regularly a 10k is still a challenge for me as I fall down on doing cardio. If I am honest I find running on a treadmill boring so I leave it out far too often. Running outside is totally different, I love running through the park or on the street with Hana. When we were in Athens earlier this year I loved running the old streets around the Acropolis, some how being there surrounded with the monuments to heroes of old spurned me on There is so much more going on and time goes so much quicker for me when running out doors.

For the last month I have been making sure I gradually build up my cardio and keep myself on that treadmill for as long as I can. Last weekend we did a practice 10k and whilst Mo Farah can rest assured I won’t be challenging his gold medal I was happy to say we made it through the 10k in one piece. So here is to tomorrow and Race day.


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