Guest post: Martin’s Chicken soup

Its guest post time on RussellsKitchen and this one comes courtesy of a good friend of mine at I have been looking for a really good Chicken Soup recipe for ages so when I found he had made one I had to get the recipe. I got it a couple of days ago so I haven’t had a chance to try out making it yet but I intend to very soon, just as soon as I have a few minutes to get in the kitchen and do some relaxing cooking.

So without further ado I will hand you over to Martin from thepaveyportfolio and a delicious looking recipe for chicken soup.

Chicken soup recipe

Recipe for chicken soup

This recipe serves two as a medium sized meal with some crusty bread. Do not be alarmed at the green colour as it uses a whole leek. It is packed full of vitamin rich goodness!

First of all, melt some butter in a sauce pan over a high heat and, when it is really hot, add the chopped dark green and bright white ends of a leek and cook until soft. Then seal chicken legs on both sides until it is white. (You can do this with or without the skin but the juices that seep from the skin do provide a lovely flavour to the soup).

Once the chicken is sealed, remove it from the pan and set aside (in a nice flat bowl so you can keep hold of the juices) then add in the rest of the leek that you’ve chopped and cook this through until soft then add some stock (either home made or packaged, I rather like Marigold Bullion mixed with water). The stock can be boiled but the pan is so hot now that the cold water will heat quickly. When you’ve stirred the stock around a bit, add a peeled/chopped Parsnip and the same for a large Carrot and then fill the pan with stock until the vegetables are covered. The vegetables need only be roughly chopped. (I have mentioned Parsnip and Carrot, as I like light, sweetish soups, but you could use Potatoes, Jerusalem Artichokes, Sweet Potatoes, Swede, the list goes on, which ever you like most, it is mostly to give the soup a thick, velvety texture).

When the vegetables have started to soften, turn the heat down slightly and return the whole chicken legs, bones and all, and boil for around quarter of an hour. When everything is soft, remove the chicken legs and, once it is cool enough to handle, rip the meat from the chicken legs and return to the soup.

Blend the soup slowly at first and then on high (you may find this takes a little while, but the chicken will be tender enough to blend). Once it is blended, return to the pan and cook for a minute or so. Remove from the heat and add some cream to lighten the colour and finish with fresh dill, shredded straight from the stalk.


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