Protein Shake showdown

peanut butter protein shake

peanut butter protein shake (Photo credit: elana’s pantry)

I my Eggs Florentine post I said I do something lots of people may think of as more than a little icky. The home made Protein Shake.

I love to lift weights, its when I feel the most relaxed and at peace. Anything which has gotten me wound up during the day, at work or commuting gets blasted out as I push that bar away from me or struggle through one more squat. I really recommend it to anyone as a way to get rid of the days stresses and strains.

In a usuall week I would go 4-5 times for about an hour or so. Anyone who exercises regularly knows the value of eating well. I try to follow the 80/20 rule 80% good, 20% naughty. But one thing you should always do is get enough Protein. Whether its from meat, fish, pulses, eggs or nuts You should try and get a good amount each day and from a variety of sources.

The more you exercise the more you need to repair the muscles you work in the gym. Protein powders are highly formulated these days but they often cost a bomb and if you don’t fancy spending £40 a month on a tub you can always opt for the home made alternative. Egg whites and milk. At there heart protein powders are whey protein, derived from milk. Whip up some egg whites and milk and you have a not so tasty but cheap alternative. Now I am not recommending that people drink raw egg as it isn’t safe for evey one to do so, but it does get the job done.

Here is my quick home made protein shake.


2 eggs

200ml milk

After going a couple of years with these shakes I am switching back to using protein powder, but they are not a bad way to use up some eggs. If you can stomach it.

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