Back on track in 2013


santorini (Photo credit: Archigeek)

Wow. I can’t believe how long it has been since I have been able to sit down and have a proper look around RussellsKitchen. Thank you all for bearing with me over the last couple of months whilst I have been on an unintended hiatus, hopefully normal service will soon be resumed with lots more delicious recipes and creations coming out of Russellskitchen to your living room.

Since I last got a chance to share things with you all I have been really busy, starting to work for myself full time! Woohoo I left my old admin job, which after over 2 years was more than overdue! So I now work for me full-time. A couple of notes about being your own boss and working from home.

  1. It can be really hard to get yourself up as early in the morning as you used to. “Well I don’t have that commute anymore” you might think. True, but one day you might go back to an office and getting into bad habits with getting up late or staying up to watch that late night movie sneak up on you.
  2. Motivation. You’re sitting in your living room. Around you are gaming consoles, HD TV and hundreds of channels not to mention the entire internet to distract you from your work and boy can they if you let them. I have found setting aside a little time each day or evening for these removes a lot of the temptation whilst working.
  3. Time management “I can always do that later/ this evening/ tomorrow”. Don’t. If it can be done now, then I think its best to do now else you will be coming up to billing day and be trying to catch up with yourself.

2 and 3 really go hand in hand with each other. I have found that it really helps to have a schedule for each day. When to get up, when to work and importantly when to relax. When you are in control of how much work you do a day (and how much you can bill for) it can be really tempting to push yourself and take on more than you can realistically do till you are hunched over your laptop at 1am cramming like a student.

It’s all about managing yourself and becoming your own boss. It has been a bit of a difficult time adjusting to it over the last couple of months but the work I am doing is really interesting and fun. Aside from some general marketing I have been contributing guides to, and though its blowing my own trumpet (but I am really happy with this) here is a link to their author page where you can find my bio and a sample of the pages I have written.

And the motivation. Its the thought of another holiday to a gorgeous place like Santorini!

Photograph of Fira at Santorini Island, Greece...

Photograph of Fira at Santorini Island, Greece taken from the north side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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